Trusted Purchasing Waves Great Deals Were Made, Worthy of Over 15million USD on Site 2017-04-10 08:10

Abstract:Welcomes “Wisdom Storm”and “Purchasing Wind”.


The 2016 China Zhejiang Province - Ningbo City Talents and Technology Week held in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province , welcomes “Wisdom Storm”and “Purchasing Wind”. The Negotiation Meeting on Northern Shore Zhigu Commercial Investment of the 2nd Annual Global Trade & Credit Conference was held in Jiangbei District of Ningbo City on Sept. 24th, 2016. Over 150 international buyers from 35 countries attended the 2nd Annual Global Trade & Credit Conference. They made great deals with domestic suppliers, worthy of 15million USD at the Cross-border Purchasing Match. Besides, intentional orders reached about 0.1 billion USD.

This conference, themed as “Credit & Innovation Promote the Establishment of ‘the Belt and Road’”, was mainly hosted by Jiangbei District People’s Government and Foreign Trade Enterprises Association of Ningbo City, and was co-hosted by Great Tao Group. Around the national strategy “the Belt and Road”, this conference intended to build an international culture exchange platform where Jiangbei District participates in the global economic and trade cooperation, help Jiangbei District introduce talents, and push the establishment of “Northern Shore Zhigu”in Jiangbei District. 

The Business School of Great Tao, which was built by the private enterprise firstly in our nation and themed as credit research, was officially set up in the Ningbo E-business Innovation District. It will introduce high-end talents from key universities and develop talents incubating base.It also offers the following courses: international trade practice, international logistics, and index research, etc., to drive the talents development of the Ningbo E-business Innovation District and invigorate Northern Shore Zhigu. At present, the Business School of Great Tao has invited China Credit Research Center of Beijing University to be the academic institution which offers the support of faculty. 

This conference also published a new brand “eGTCP”, which intends to not only offer trade and financial services to the export supply chain, but also assist the trading parties in providing a level of trust and resolving risk issues in trades.

The theme “ ‘the Belt and Road’ and Business Opportunities of International Trade” was deeply discussed by WEI Jianguo, the deputy director of CCIEE, FANG Bonai, the deputy director in Public Management College of Zhejiang University, Mahamoud, the Asia-Pacific Economist in Zuellig Anlene Insurance Company and Chris Allen, the CEO of Red Step Marketing. 

WEI Jianguo made a speech on the new opportunities of Made in China under the strategy “the Belt and Road”. He said, “ The stragey -‘the Belt and Road’ is the third reform and opening policy in China. China will export technology, management and capital to alongside countries of ‘the Belt and Road’ in the field of electric power, energy, transportation facility, communication construction, petrochemical projects and real estate, for realizing a win-win. So it will bring new development opportunities for Chinese companies. I hope that Ningbo companies could actively go out, seek cooperation with alongside countries and seize opportunities to expand development space.

FANG Bonai, the deputy director in Public Management College of Zhejiang University, highlighted “trade and credit” and “economic attribute of credit”, themed as “International Trade and Credit”. He indicated that the credit economy was one of big trends of market economic development. So Ningbo companies should engage in the channel and mode of credit economy, and win the initiative of development. 

As the host of this conference, SUN Xudong, the Deputy Head of District, Jiangbei District Government, Ningbo City, said, “owing to the advantaged location of Jiangbei District, it is the most important area where Ningbo City pursues the national strategy ‘the Belt and Road’ and develops export-oriented economy. I hope that this conference could deepen the economic and trade cooperation. Welcome to Jiangbei District for visit and investment cooperation.

Over 150 international buyers from 35 countries along “the Belt and Road”came to negotiate in the later Cross-border Purchasing Match. They made great deals with domestic suppliers, worthy of 15million USD on site. Besides, intentional orders reached about 0.1 billion USD. It covered many industries, including decoration and gifts, kitchenware, clothes, daily necessities, electronics and electric appliance, toys and household articles, etc. Over 300 domestic suppliers became the member of “eGTCP”, driven by eGTCP trusted buyers. It has developed a new channel for future orders.