About GTCC

Global Trade & Credit Conference
Global Trade & Credit Conference is held around Sep.19th annually on China’s credit day. It aims at answering China’s development strategy “The Belt and Road” and establishing credit, talents and high-end trade information exchange of influence in the world.
The Conference gathers the following participants: overseas purchaser, foreign trade service provider, domestic export enterprise, banking institution, overseas service institution, academia and government representative, etc. They together discuss the social and economic value of credit + talents + cross-border e-commerce + internet, develop credit trade actively, and build global trade integrity ecosystem.
The global trade will enter the age of credit. The Global Trade & Credit Conference will assist “China Made” in transiting and upgrading, and build a better cooperation bridge, centering on the strategy “The Belt and Road” that the reform of the supply-front implements. It is worth mentioning that commending eGTCP members of all international trade circles with best credit is an important agenda of the credit conference.