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The 3rd Global Trade & Credit Conference will be held on 18th , Sept.2017 in Ningbo. We’d like to invite you sincerely to attend the conference that you would have the chance to win $300 reward and communicate with all representatives of different fields and the Conference will also customize your personal services. We are looking forward to your coming!

Free Business Offers in GTCC

· Gain 300 USD Reward
· Get 100,000 USD Business Loan
· Meet 1000+ Verified Chinese Suppliers
· Visit Local Factories on-site
· Chinese Supplier Investment Report on Credit Status

VIP Service in GTCC

· FREE 2 Days Stay at 5-Star Hotel (2017.9.18-9.19)
· FREE Hotel Catering
· FREE Shuttle Service: Between Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu and Ningbo.
· FREE Traffic Allowance

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